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Home Improvement Projects That Ensure a Return on Investment and Enhance Livability

Research by the National Realtor Association (NRA) recently confirmed that updated bathrooms, kitchen remodels, and landscaping and curb appeal generate the greatest return on investment. Additionally, homeowners that have invested in upgrades prior to putting their homes on the market see a quicker sale. Sometimes simple things like patios and gazebos can make a huge difference when it comes to resale value. When homeowners selling in the Concord, Harrisburg, and Greater Charlotte area see a quick sale at the price desired, the cost expended and effort made to get it perfect is soon forgotten. Below are some of the top improvements homeowners made during 2016.

Basement and/or Attic Renovation

Many homes have space that is under-appreciated as well as underused. Basements and attics are the biggest culprits. By finishing a basement or attic, square footage is added to the home, which increases its value while providing new opportunities to homeowners. Suddenly, a theater room, den, man cave, play area, extra bedroom, or even just an area for storage that’s organized can make a huge difference in how a formerly neglected space is utilized. It’s also the perfect opportunity to add that much needed bathroom. In addition to converting underused square footage in a home, trained professionals can also evaluate the structural integrity and foundation of a home while identifying potential problems so that they can be addressed before a bigger problem occurs.

Adding Space to a Home

After a free consultation, many homeowners realize that adding square footage to a home with an addition is much more cost-efficient than just a remodeling project. Whether seeking to expand a kitchen or family room or wanting to add a sunroom, garage, master bedroom, or something else, additions can resolve many existing problems in a home. Additionally, adding space is often easier and less disruptive than a full remodel. In the end, not only will a new space add livability and aesthetic appeal, but it will also add value that can be recouped at the time the property is sold.

Rethink the Flooring

Depending on your lifestyle and where you live in the Charlotte area, changing the type of flooring you have will not only improve the aesthetics of a room or home but can also recoup up to 91 percent of the amount spent on the project. The bottom line is that carpeting is out and hardwood floors are in. Since laminate flooring doesn’t hold up as well as real wood, paying slightly more initially will pay off in the long-run both financially and cosmetically. For homeowners preparing to sell, oak is more popular than any other color. However, if you are just updating the floors because you’re tired of fighting the carpet and trying to keep it clean, go with whatever suits your personality.

Those that live in Concord, Harrisburg, and other parts of the Greater Charlotte area have the distinct advantage of having access to a home remodeling, renovation, and maintenance company that has dedicated itself to exceptional service and quality at a price homeowners can afford. The team is thorough, professional, and trustworthy, whether with deck building, patio building, kitchen remodeling, or any other update needed or desired. As a family-owned and operated business, they understand the importance of having a home that will currently fit the needs of growing families while keeping future needs in mind. Family dynamics and needs may continue to change, and Giovanni’s Home Improvements is prepared to work with you to ensure that you always have the perfect partner to keep your home up and running and looking beautiful.

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